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Using Preset Rules in the Wyze app

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What are Preset Rules?

Preset Rules are some of our most-popular Rules, already set up in the Wyze app for you to use with just a few taps. Instead of manually creating a rule, select a Preset Rule and customize it before tapping Save

Some Preset Rules are:

  Type of Rule How it works Requires
Turn on lights when a person is detected Device trigger If a camera detects a person, the lights turn on. Wyze camera, lighting and a plug, and Cam Plus / Protect subscription
I'm home Shortcut Tap this shortcut to turn off your cameras when home. Any Wyze camera
Turn lights off when I'm away Location trigger When you leave an area, the lights turn off. Wyze lighting or plugs, location enabled
Turn alerts off at night Schedule App notifications turn off from sunset to sunrise. Any Wyze device
🤫 There are hidden Preset Rules that display based on the Wyze devices you have. Get a new Wyze device? Keep an eye 👀 out for new Preset Rules to try out!

Where do I find Preset Rules?

Find Preset rules on the Create Rule screen (Home > + plus sign > Add Rule).

How do I use Preset Rules?

  1. On the Home screen of the Wyze app, tap on the + plus sign.
  2. Tap Add Rule. Find your list of Preset rules on the next screen.
  3. Tap an option under Preset rules. 
  4. Review and make changes the list of devices/actions if needed.
  5. Tap Save.

How do I edit or delete a Preset rule?

  1. On the Home screen of the Wyze app, tap the pencil (Edit) icon.
  2. Tap Edit Rules.
  3. Tap on the Preset rule you want to edit/delete.
    1. To edit a rule, make changes directly on this screen.
      • Rename the rule, or add and remove actions here.
    2. To delete the rule, tap Delete Rule and confirm.

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