New Feature: Sense Hub Offline

Good news! Now when your Wyze Sense Hub goes offline, our system will send you a push notification through the Wyze app to let you know. It'll look like this:


This notification will give you a heads up so that you can take action to restore the connection and keep your home protected.

What happens when my Sense Hub goes offline?

You will receive a notification (shown above) to let you know. When your Sense Hub is offline, so is your system. Until the connection is restored, you will not be able to arm/disarm your system from the Wyze app and you will not receive any home security notifications (like those from Noonlight). You will still receive open/close notifications from your sensors, however.

Can I change the arming mode from the app when offline?

No, you cannot change the arming mode of your system in the app while your Sense Hub is offline. You can change it from your Sense Keypad.

Why would my Sense Hub go offline?

In the extremely rare event that your system loses power and/or Wi-Fi connection, your Sense Hub will go offline. It will stay offline until the connection is restored. Once restored, you'll be able to control your system from the Wyze app and arm/disarm it again.

Do I have to have Wyze Home Monitoring to receive this notification?

Nope! As long as you have a Sense Hub in use on your account, you'll receive the notification. 

Will I receive this notification if I'm in Canada?

Yes - if you have a Sense Hub device, even if you're outside of the US, you'll receive this push notification from the Wyze app.

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