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How do I unlock my Wyze Lock Bolt with Wyze Video Doorbell Pro?

Give quick and easy access to your friends, loved ones, or petsitters by unlocking your Wyze Lock Bolt directly from the live stream of your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro!

Your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro can now act as a Wi-Fi bridge through its chime, allowing you to securely unlock your Wyze Lock Bolt from anywhere using the Wyze app. In order to use this feature, you’ll need to be on firmware version 1.0.73 (Wyze Video Doorbell Pro) and (Wyze Lock Bolt). Firmware not up to date? No problem! You can upgrade your firmware through the Wyze app by going to the Account tab > Firmware Update.

To enable this feature:

  1. In the Wyze app, go to your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro’s settings > Accessories > + plus sign.
  2. Tap Wyze Lock Bolt and select which Wyze Lock Bolt you want to have integrated.
  3. The device will be added to Accessories and the direct unlock feature should be enabled by default. If not, tap back into your Wyze Lock Bolt under Accessories and toggle on Enable direct unlock.
    • To disable this feature, toggle off Enable direct unlock.
    • To remove the lock from your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro’s Accessories, tap Delete at the bottom.

That’s it! Whenever you want to unlock your Wyze Lock Bolt, simply navigate to your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro’s live stream and tap the lock icon.


  • Wyze Lock Bolt and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro should be within BluetoothⓇ range of each other for the direct unlock feature to be successful. Please keep in mind that this range can vary depending on the location, how many walls are in between the devices, the materials of the walls, etc.
  • This feature only allows for remote unlocking. Other actions like remote locking or remotely updating the firmware are not available at this time. To achieve locking, utilize your Wyze Lock Bolt’s Auto-Lock feature.
  • This feature is not available to shared users, Wyze Video Doorbell, or Wyze Lock at this time.
  • Wyze Video Doorbell Pro can only unlock one Wyze Lock Bolt. 

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