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What happens to my existing plan when I upgrade to Cam Unlimited?

The remaining time from your existing plan is added to your new subscription. ⏱️

Cam Unlimited is a paid subscription plan that gives all of your Wyze Cam devices a Cam Plus license, no limits! But you can't have an unlimited subscription and other individual subscriptions at the same time. 

⚡️ Example: You have a monthly subscription to Cam Plus on your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, and an annual subscription on your Wyze Cam v4. You have three other Wyze Cams with no subscriptions. When you sign up for Cam Unlimited, all of your cameras get Cam Plus! 

What happens when I sign up for Cam Unlimited?

  • Wyze will cancel your other subscriptions if possible.*
  • You will be charged for the new Cam Unlimited subscription. 
  • The time left on your existing Cam Plus subscriptions will be added to your new subscription.
  • You will not receive a refund for the other subscriptions.

* If you purchased a subscription plan via Apple or Amazon, you must manually cancel the plan with them to avoid auto-renewing charges. If you forget to cancel your plan and are overcharged, Wyze cannot cancel the plan for you or offer a refund.

Where does it show the time added from my other plans?

Here's what it looks like on when you upgrade to Cam Unlimited. The time until your next billing date, and how much your current subscription was extended by, is in the description.

cam unlimited upgrade.png

Additional Notes

  • Cam Unlimited only applies to Cam Plus subscriptions. It does not apply to Cam Plus Lite, Cam Protect, Wyze Home Monitoring, or Sprinkler Plus subscriptions.
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