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About Wyze x She's Birdie

Here are some FAQs about our Wyze Collaboration with She's Birdie, a personal security device with an alarm and a strobe light.

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Introducing a collaboration between Wyze and She's Birdie.

What is a "Birdie"?

Birdie (v1) is a compact personal security device with a LOUD siren and flashing strobe-light. It's like carrying a Wyze Cam siren around with you.

How do I use my Birdie?

To activate the Birdie alarm, aim the speaker toward your target. Then pull the removable pin from the body of the Birdie. The alarm will sound and the light will flash. Here's how.

To stop the alarm, reinsert the pin.

Why a Wyze x She's Birdie collaboration?

This is a collaboration to make great tech even more accessible. She's Birdie makes personal safety alarms so loud, it's like carrying a million Wyze Cam Sirens in your pocket.

👉  Have more questions about She's Birdie? For more details about the birdie product, you can visit:

Does Birdie work with the Wyze app or any Wyze devices?

No, Birdie does not work with or pair with any Wyze devices, or the Wyze app. It is like a Wyze Cam siren in your pocket though, a standalone personal device that can be used at home or away.

What comes in the box?

  • 1x Birdie v1
  • 1x Solid brass keychain

Is the Birdie battery-powered?

Yes, it uses two CR2032 batteries. Here's how to replace the batteries:

To replace the batteries:

  1. Open the Birdie alarm case using the side seam hole.
  2. Remove the internal screws.
  3. Remove the old batteries and insert the new ones.
  4. Replace the screws, and snap the alarm case together again.

How loud is the Birdie's alarm?

Birdie's alarm sound is 130db, "comparable to a jet engine flying 100 feet above you."

How big is Birdie v1?

3.5 inches x 1.125 inches x 0.5 inches

Does Birdie v1 require an app?

No, Birdie v1 does not require an app and it is not compatible with the Wyze app. It does not connect to or work with any Wyze devices, and it does not connect to Wi-Fi.

However, Birdie+ (not sold by Wyze) works with the Birdie+ app.

Does Birdie v1 require a subscription?

No, Birdie v1 does not require a subscription. However, Birdie+ (not sold by Wyze) does require a subscription. If you have questions about the Birdie+ subscription, please reach out to Birdie Alarm Support here.

Note: Birdie+ is not available through, the Wyze Web Portal, or the Wyze app.

I need help with my Birdie. Who do I contact?

For warranty and troubleshooting-related issues, please reach out to Birdie Alarm Support directly via email at 

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