Time Lapse

A fun Wyze Cam feature is Time Lapse. A time lapse video is a series of photos taken by Wyze Cam over a period of time and shown as one video. 

This feature requires you to have a microSD card in the camera. Because it is saving still images and making them into one long video, you must have a microSD card to save the files. 

To schedule up a Time Lapse:

*Before starting, make sure you have a microSD card installed in your Wyze Cam. 

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Cam.
  2. Tap the More icon, and check that Motion Tracking and Pan Scan are turned off.
    • If they're black and not green, they're turned off.
  3. Tap the X to close the More menu.
  4. Move your camera to your desired position and viewing angle.
    • Check your Live Stream in the Wyze app to make sure you have it *just right*.
  5. Tap the More icon again, then tap Time Lapse
  6. Select the Start and End times, as well as the interval for the time lapse.
  7. Tap Set to schedule the time lapse. 


Your screen will change to a reminder of when your Time Lapse is scheduled to start or end. Hit the Stop button if you’d like to cancel the Time Lapse at any point. If you decide to cancel, any portion of the Time Lapse that has already been recorded will be available in your Album.

Creative Tip: If your Time Lapse is of a slow-moving motion, like a flower blooming, you will want the interval to be a minute or longer. If your Time Lapse is of a short-lived event, like clouds moving in the sky on a windy day, the interval should be around three seconds.

To view your time lapse:

When your Time Lapse reaches the end of the scheduled time, it will be listed in the Album in your Wyze app.

  1. From your camera's Home screen, tap the More icon.
  2. Tap Album.
  3. Tap Download on the video thumbnail to download the Time Lapse.

The Time Lapse video needs to be downloaded from the microSD card to your phone’s gallery before you can view it. To do this, make sure that the Wyze app has permission to access your phone’s photo gallery, and your smart device is connected via WiFi (these are big files).

If you have not granted this permission, you will not see the Time Lapse in your Wyze app's album. You can change the permissions for your phone or tablet’s photo gallery in your device’s settings in order to grant permission to the Wyze app to download and view your Time Lapse.

Additional Notes:

  • You must have a microSD card installed in the camera to use the Time Lapse feature.
  • You can retrieve the time lapse  from the microSD card by removing the card from the camera, and reading it on a computer.
  • A time lapse can be captured simultaneously with continuous recording.
  • We recommend you turn off Motion Tracking and Pan Scan whenever you are recording a time lapse.
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