Motion Tagging

Motion Tagging puts a green box around what Wyze Cam considers motion. This helps when scanning through footage to find where there was motion. 

To turn on Motion Tagging:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Cam.
  2. Tap More, then Motion Tagging.
    • When green, Motion Tagging is On.
    • When black, Motion Tagging is Off.


Additional Notes:

  • When enabled, the green box will be visible around motion in all recorded videos.
    • This includes Event, Time Lapse, and Manually Recorded videos). 
  • Motion Tagging sensitivity is fixed and cannot be changed.
  • When there are multiple moving objects, the largest moving object will be tagged.
  • Motion Tagging cannot be added to or removed from a previously recorded video.
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