Does HD or SD compression save space on my microSD card?

Your microSD card is used by your Wyze Cam as a storage device for videos and timelapse files. The microSD has a certain amount of storage. Understanding the different compression settings will help you make an informed choice of how you would like to record footage on your microSD card.  

Here is a chart of the different sized microSD cards and the compression settings.  This will give you an idea about how picking SD will give you more total time recording, but how?


The SD option on the live stream uses something called file compression.

To explain, imagine a picture of your yellow Labrador Retriever, Sandy.  In the picture, each row of pixels making up her yellow body are stored in the file as “yellow pixel, yellow pixel, yellow pixel…” over and over until all the pixels in her body have been written down. Writing out the code for each “yellow pixel” takes up quite a bit of space, but wouldn’t it just be easier to say “500 yellow pixels”? Grouping together identical parts of the image like this can save a lot of space, and the SD option does a similar process when compressing the live stream. 

With the SD live stream, the compression process finds objects that don’t move and don’t update their images in frames as much as moving objects and tries to compress the still frames similar to the process described above, all while keeping the 1080p resolution. While doing this, sometimes the compression process can cause the feed to appear to not update as often and things that barely move, like shadows or hanging objects, may appear to be frozen for a few seconds.

Because the video file sizes are smaller, the speed requirements are lower and switching to SD may help with connectivity issues. This is very helpful if you have a bad mobile data connection and you want to check a Live Steam of your Wyze Cam. 


The basics are if you want more total recording time, pick SD. If you want higher quality footage and don't mind havng less total time recorded, then HD video recording will work well.

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