Why is my Wyze Cam showing a different MAC address?

The MAC address printed on your Wyze Cam and the one shown on the Device Info screen are part of a range purchased by Wyze that will register on your server as a Wyze device. This MAC address is assigned by the firmware to overwrite the hardware MAC assigned to the WiFi component. These assigned MAC addresses should start with either A4DA or 2CAA. Most of the WiFi components we use will have a MAC address that will start with something like C8028F. These alternate MAC addresses tell us that, for some reason, the firmware either failed to override the hardware's MAC properly or failed to prevent this MAC from registering on your network.

In the event that you see one of these alternate MAC addresses on your network, it will often show an association with a company such as Nova or Duratech. These suppliers from whom we source our WiFi components and they have no bearing on the functionality of the camera itself.

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