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Does the Wyze Cam record events continuously?

There is a 5-minute “cooldown” period between the same type of event videos generated and stored on the cloud. 

This means that when there is continuous motion, the camera will only capture one 12-second event video every five minutes.

However, there is no “cooldown” period between different types of event recordings.

This means that if motion occurs and then sound immediately occurs afterward, the camera will capture both events in two consecutive 12-second event videos.

You can add a microSD card and set it to "Record events only" to record longer videos to your microSD card when motion is detected, without a cooldown period.

Click here to learn more about recording with your microSD card.

Note: The optional Cam Plus service will remove the cooldown period and allow your Wyze Cam to record longer than 12-seconds if there is motion detected.
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