How do I check the status of my order?

Visit this link to check the status: Check Order Status

Enter your Order ID, Billing ID, Email or Zip Code then click Continue.

If you sign into your Wyze account first here, then click the "Check Order Status" link, you'll be brought to your order history. Find your order in the list, and check under Status on the right.

Or, check your email:

After submitting your order, you'll receive a confirmation email with your order number. Once your order has shipped, you'll receive an email with your tracking information. 

With your tracking number, you can track your order directly with the shipping company.

Or, check your Wyze account:

If you have a Wyze account, you can check your order status on your account.

  1. Sign in to here.
  2. The next page should display your recent orders.
    • Not there? Under My Account, click My Orders.*
  3. Click View on the item you want you check.
  4. On the Order Details page, click Track your order.
Status What it means How long will it take?
Processing Order is being submitted. < 2 hours
Processing FEDEX Order is being processed through our warehouse. < 48 hours
Processing Seattle Order is being processed through our warehouse. < 2 hours
Pick/Pack Order is being fulfilled in our warehouse. < 48 hours
Preorder Your product is a preorder that hasn't started processing yet. Until preorders start shipping.
Backorder Order is on backorder. Until your product is in stock and starts shipping.
Payment Review Payment is being verified. < 3 hours
Pending Order request is still pending and has not been verified. < 3 hours
On Hold Order has been held for review. Can vary. Status will update when the issue is resolved.
Complete Order has shipped. Permanent, will not change.
Closed Order has been refunded and closed. Permanent, will not change.
Canceled Order has been refunded and canceled. Permanent, will not change.
Split Complete Order has been split into multiple orders. Please see the new order numbers. Permanent, will not change.


*If you don't see anything under My Orders, contact Wyze Support so we can track down your order!

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