View a Live Stream

Wyze Cam Outdoor lets you watch a live stream of your camera's video feed right from the Wyze app. 

To view a Live Stream:

Open the Wyze app, tap Home, then tap Wyze Cam Outdoor.

  • Is your Wyze Cam Outdoor in a group? Tap on the group name to view the Live Stream.

Live Stream Features

  • Sound: Tap Sound to hear audio from the camera's microphone.
  • Record: Tap Record to start recording the Live Stream. Tap it again to stop.
  • SpeakTap Speak to speak through your camera's microphone. Tap it again to stop.
  • Take Photo: Tap Take Photo to save a photo of the Live Stream to your Album.
  • Streaming quality: You can set the quality to HD 1080p, SD 720p, 360p, or Auto.
  • Night Vision: Tap the moon icon to turn it On, Off, or Auto.
  • Zoom: Use the two-finger pinch motion for up to 8x digital zoom of your Live Stream.
  • Full screen: Tap the square full-screen.png icon to enter full screen / landscape mode.

Additional Notes:

  • Is the Live Stream secure? Yes! The Live Stream is encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and consistent hashing.
  • Have a slow internet connection? Set the streaming quality to SD or 360p for the best experience.
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