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Go get your 10,000 steps. The Wyze Band has a Run tracker that tracks run time and distance, and syncs to your Wyze app so you can review your progress.

Before using this feature, double-check your Personal Data. If it's inaccurate, your Run data may be miscalculated.

To use the Run feature:

  1. Make sure your band is on your wrist securely.
    • Not too tight or loose, but comfortable and not sliding up and down.
  2. Tap on the Wyze Band screen to wake it up.
  3. Scroll and tap Run. 
  4. Run mode will start after the countdown. 
    • Check your data while running by tapping to wake up the screen, and swiping to the Run screen.
    • Tap on the Home Button to display the Actions screen.
      • Tap Continue to resume running, or Finish when you're done.

Note: Currently the Run tracker does not use your GPS location information. This means it cannot map your running path or adjust running distance. We hope to add this feature in a future release.

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