I'm seeing a lot of false negatives and positives. What should I do?

The issue: Person Detection is not detecting people when it should be, or it detects other objects and animals as people. The placement of the Wyze Cam is usually the culprit. 

Tips to help prevent Person Detection misfires:

  • Position your Wyze Cam effectively. Make sure it is:
    • Upright with a clear view of the target area where people will most likely appear. 
    • Around head height, about 6 feet high.
    • Between 2-20 feet from the target area, far enough from the target area to maximize the number of seconds a person is present in the 12-second event video.
  • Check the camera's surroundings:
    • People on TV, reflections in mirrors, photographs, even statues can be detected as people. 
  • Make sure people are in the frame, not cut off.
    • Frame the camera to capture the full bodies of people.
  • Keep the target area well-lit.
    • Low light conditions can decrease the effective range of detection.
  • Remove obstacles in front of the camera.
    • Don't place it behind a window or screen. Reflections on the glass, or any mesh-like material, can confuse the algorithm.


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