How do I give feedback about Person Detection?

Click Share on the Event Video.

Want to help improve the Person Detection algorithm? You can share event videos where a person was detected in them by clicking Share

  1. On the Wyze app, go to the Event tab.
  2. Open the event video where a person was detected.
  3. At the bottom of the page where it says "Help us improve AI by sharing this one video with Wyze." tap Share.
  4. Specify whether there was a person present in the recording, or not. 

Additional Notes

If you do decide to share an event video with us to improve our AI for Person Detection, that specific video will only be used for improving our AI.

Have you shared your Wyze Cam with another user? They will not be able to send feedback about Person Detection to Wyze on event videos. They can still share the recordings through other sources, including email and chat services.

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