Wyze Person Detection Setup Guide

Setting up Wyze Person Detection is just as easy as before. Found under Wyze Services, you can enable person detection on any Wyze Cam v2 or Wyze Cam Pan devices you own.

Legacy Person Detection is not available on Wyze Cam v3.

To set up Person Detection: 

  1. Open the Wyze app, then tap Account Wyze Services.
  2. On the Wyze Service tab, tap Person Detection.
  3. Select the device you’d like to enable Person Detection on.
  4. You're all set! Person Detection is now enabled. 

Want to get notifications? You can turn on the notification by going to the Wyze Cam's live view screen, tap the Settings gear button then Notifications. With this notification, you'll only get notified if a person is detected - not just motion. You can turn on notifications for one, or all of your Wyze Cam devices.


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