Wyze In Response: Disposable Medical Face Masks


Disposable Face Masks: Shop

Wyze has partnered with iHealth to bring in these disposable face masks for our Wyze community, health care companies, and government agencies. 


  • $19.99 for a box of 50 masks, shipping included.
    • Wyze is committed to bringing in this product at the best possible price.
  • 3-layer protection with high quality manufacturing.
    • Livocare (distributed by iHealth and Wyze) face masks are made with a 3-layer construction of soft non-woven polypropylenes. 
  • Soft non-woven fabric and quality manufacturing process to ensure high breathability.
    • The face masks high breathability maintains inspiratory resistance within 49 Pa, making breathing as smooth and odorless as possible. The lightweight mask is only about 0.04mm in thickness, not adding any pressure to your face.
  • High quality elastic flat ear straps means less strain to the ears.
    • The high quality elastic, adjustable flat ear is designed to fit the ear, adding no strain to the ears.
  • Made with skin-friendly materials.
    • Soft non-woven fabric and quality manufacturing processes ensure excellent breathability, odorlessness, and cleanliness.
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