What is the refund policy for Services?

Home Monitoring and Sprinkler Plus are subscription-based and are non-refundable.

You can cancel the service at any time, however, it will stay active till the end of the pay period.

This will be applicable to Home Monitoring and Sprinkler Plus service. The same applies to the promotion for Cam Plus +v3 bundle for Cam Plus subscribers and the Black Friday Promotion.

The Cam Plus service and Name Your Price Person detection will prorate the charges and credits based on time down to the second and the unused portion will be refunded to you using this formula:

(Time remaining in current billing period / Subscription's plan period) x (Per unit price) x (Cameras being adjusted)

Please note: The prorated refund policy only applies to licenses purchases from services.wyze.com and will not apply to any purchases made via the App Store or Google Play store

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