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Introducing Wyze Thermostat

Smart heating and cooling--simplified.

Add an extra level of comfort to your smart home with Wyze Thermostat. 

Some Wyze Thermostat features we love:

  • Temperature preference. Set your preferred temperature to Home, Sleep, or Away.
  • Scheduling. Program your temperature settings for a week at a time. Hands off the thermostat!
  • Auto Switch.Wyze Thermostat sets the temperature based on where you are, automatically.
  • Safety Temps. Protect your home from extreme heat and cold with set limits.
  • Easy DIY installation. Install your new thermostat in 30 minutes, no electrical experience needed.

Important: Don't feel prepared or safe to install your own thermostat? We've designed Wyze Thermostat to be easy to install, but use your own judgment. If you're in doubt, stop. Call your local HVAC technician for assistance. 

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