Can I get legacy Person Detection on my new Wyze account?

Yes, just send us your new email address.

You signed up for Wyze before November 27, 2019 and are a legacy user, but you've since created a new Wyze account and/or email address. 

Legacy Person Detection is not available on Wyze Cam v3.

To get "Name Your Price" Person Detection added to your new account:

  1. Sign up for a Wyze Services account at with your NEW email address.
  2. Send us an email with your new account, and a request to have the Person Detection subscription added to your new Wyze Services account. 
    • Person Detection will be removed from the old Wyze Account. 
  3. We will check both the email addresses, and confirm the legacy user status. Once confirmed, we will add Person Detection to your new account so that it displays in your app.
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