Motion Tagging

Motion Tagging shows a green box around what Wyze Cam v3 considers motion. This helps when scanning through footage to find where there was motion. 


When there are multiple moving objects, the Motion Tagging feature frames the largest moving object in the field of view. To turn Motion Tagging on/off, navigate to the Live Stream of any particular Wyze Cam. You do this by going to the Wyze app and selecting the Cam/Live Stream on that first page. 

From here, pick the “More” icon and select Motion Tagging to toggle it on/off.

When Motion Tagging is turned on, it will be visible in ANY recorded video (Playback, Event Videos, Time Lapse, and Manually Recorded Videos). Motion Tagging sensitivity is fixed and not related to the user-determined Event Recording Detection Settings sensitivity.

Note: It is not possible to add Motion Tagging to a video that has already been recorded or to remove it from a video that has it.

When scanning through playback having Motion Tagging on will help you view what movement was happening in the frame. This helps if you have Continuous Recording with a microSD card or have a lot of Event Videos you want to look through quickly.

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