Introducing Wyze Sprinkler Controller

A green yard doesn't have to be hard.


Wyze Sprinkler features we love:

  • Water from anywhere. Manually start and stop watering from anywhere with the Wyze app.
  • Fixed Schedules. Easily create schedules to water plants on specific days and times. 
  • Smart Schedules*. With Sprinkler Plus, use Smart Schedules which automatically calculate when to water each zone based on its specific needs and weather conditions.
  • Customizable Zone Parameters. Basic zone information (crop & spray head type) is gathered during set up, but you can go into the weeds by tweaking the parameters of each zone to drive the best Smart Schedule results.
  • Offline Schedules. If you lose connection to the Internet, Wyze Sprinkler will continue to operate on your saved schedule for the next 14 days. 
  • Sunrise/Sunset. Enter your location to have your irrigation system water your lawn based on local sunrise or sunset times.
  • Weather Skips*. Avoid wasting water or hurting your plants with Sprinkler Plus by skipping a watering if it's too cold, too windy, when sufficient rainfall is expected, or if the zone is wet enough.
  • Cycle/Soak*. This feature breaks your watering down to multiple cycles to give the soil time to soak the water in for efficiency.
  • Advanced Zone Details*. With Sprinkler Plus, see the exact moisture level of each zone so you can be sure your plants are happy.
  • Easy Installation. Replaces your existing controller in under 20 minutes.

*Requires Sprinkler Plus - 1 Year Included.

Note: Wyze Sprinkler Controller is not an irrigation system. This is a controller for your existing irrigation system.

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