What are “modes” in Wyze Home Monitoring?

They determine if and when an alarm is triggered.

There is Home, Away, Disarmed, and Test Mode.

While setting up Wyze Home Monitoring, you will decide how your home should be monitored by installing sensors in your perimeter (doors and windows) and interior spaces. After that, you can decide which areas to monitor for Home or Away modes. These settings can be updated later. 

Home mode is meant to monitor your home's perimeter through sensors on the doors and windows.

Away mode monitors both the outside perimeter of your home as well as the inside of it.

In Disarmed mode, there will be no on-duty sensors detecting an intrusion or triggering alarms. Doors and window sensors, even if opened, will not trigger an alarm.

Test Mode allows you to practice using Wyze Home Monitoring without worrying about alerting the monitoring center by accident. This is similar to Disarmed mode.

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