Do I always have to enter the PIN to change monitoring modes?

It depends on your settings and whether there is an active alarm.

You will always need to enter the PIN on the physical Keypad or app to disarm the system.

You may choose during setup whether your PIN is needed to change the monitoring mode. You can change this setting later through Home Monitoring Settings.

Does Wyze Home Monitoring support Duress PIN?

No, Wyze Home Monitoring does not support Duress PIN yet.

What is a Duress PIN?

A Duress PIN is also known as “hostage PIN”—a PIN that the user can use under duress. For example, when being forced by an intruder to disarm the system. If a Duress PIN is used to disarm the system, the system will appear to have been disarmed, but will silently send a request for help (ex. emergency dispatching) without alerting the intruder or confirming with the user.

Wyze Home Monitoring does not support Duress PIN at this time, but we plan to support it in the future. 

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