What will happen during an alarm?

During an alarm, we will execute the list of actions you’ve selected in the Home Monitoring settings.

By default, the siren will go off, you will receive a Critical Alert (iOS only, push notification for Android users), and our system will let Noonlight know there is an alarm at your home.

You may cancel the alarm by entering your PIN on the physical Keypad or in the Wyze app. If you are contacted by Noonlight, please tell the agent your Safe Word to cancel emergency dispatching. Noonlight will first send a text message to verify the alarm and if you do not respond to the text, they will begin calling you. If you do not cancel the alarm via the app or with the Noonlight operator, then it will be escalated for dispatch

Please note that if law enforcement has been dispatched, even if you cancel the alarm, it would be up to the officer’s discretion to decide whether to proceed with visiting your place or to cancel the patrol.

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