What is the difference between Wyze Home Monitoring and my current Wyze app experience?

Wyze Home Monitoring was built for security.

The existing Wyze app experience is casual, listing all your Wyze devices - including your bulbs, plugs, and other products. You can build Rules, set up notifications, and even trigger a siren on your Wyze Cam v3. But the experience is manual, and can take time if you have a lot of devices to scroll through and view.

For example, if you want to check all of your live streams, you have to tap each camera individually or create/open a camera group to view them all. Or, if you receive a stream of event notifications, you have to check them all one by one.

Furthermore, your existing Wyze app experience isn’t built for home monitoring and security. It won’t sound alarms, prompt a monitoring service, or dispatch first responders in the event of an emergency.

Wyze Home Monitoring is an automated monitoring service designed to keep your home safe and report threats even when you can’t review Events by yourself. There are well-trained monitoring center staff that will verify emergencies with you and contact your local emergency dispatching services when necessary.

The involvement of 24/7 staffed monitoring center makes Wyze Home Monitoring a professional service. You can enjoy peace of mind even when you lose connection.

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