I signed up for Wyze Home Monitoring, but I can't set it up.


You've activated Wyze Home Monitoring at services.wyze.com but you don't see the Monitoring tab in the Wyze app OR when you tap Monitoring you see Get Started. You do not have the option to Start Setup.


  1. Update to the latest version of the Wyze app. You must have the latest version (iOS: 2.18.43, Android: 2.18.41) to use Wyze Home Monitoring. Older app versions do not support this service.
  2. Did you successfully redeem the activation code? You received the code in the email address attached to your Wyze account when your Core Starter Kit shipped. If you redeemed the code at Wyze Services and it was added to your account and you still cannot see the Start Setup screen, continue below.
  3. Log out of the Wyze app, then log in again. Tap Monitoring and check if the Start Setup option is there. If it is, tap Start Setup to set up your system.
  4. If you still cannot see the Start Setup option in your Wyze app, send a log so that our engineering team can investigate.
    1. Tap Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Wyze App & Services > Services.
    2. Fill out the form.
    3. Make sure you select Send log files so that it sends the logs with the request.
    4. Tap the Submit button when you are ready to submit the report. 
    5. On the last screen, find your Log ID and save it.
      • This is important. The Log ID comes in handy for our support team and engineers to locate your device's specific logs when troubleshooting.

Please note that all logs go directly to our developers that are working on a fix. You will not receive a direct response from our agents after your log submission.

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