Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware Overview

Your Wyze Home Monitoring system includes everything you need for a well-protected home. A hub, along with a keypad and a few sensors work together to keep you in control.

What hardware is included?

  • Wyze Sense Hub. This is the brains of your new security system, the hub connects sensors to the Wyze app and has a built in siren to ward off would-be intruders. Connect the hub to your home internet via WiFi or Ethernet and make sure it’s placed in a central location for best coverage.
  • Wyze Sense Keypad. Placed near your door, the Wyze Sense Keypad makes it easy to quickly arm and disarm your home.
  • Wyze Sense v2 Motion Sensor. Designed to detect people and not pets. Place it high on the wall for best coverage.
  • Wyze Sense v2 Entry Sensor. Always know when your doors or windows are left open. Mount on your primary doors and windows.


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