A sensor or keypad is showing offline.


While looking at the Home screen in the Wyze app, your Wyze Entry v2 Sensor, Wyze Motion v2 Sensor, or Wyze Keypad is offline.

This icon is next to the device name:  offline.png


  1. Check if your other devices are connected.
    • Look for the offline icon next to Wyze Sense Hub or your other sensors or keypad. If you see multiple devices offline, there may be an issue with your ISP or your home WiFi is down.
    • If Wyze Sense Hub is offline, but your other Wyze devices are online, check out: My Wyze Sense Hub is showing offline.
  2. Make sure your device doesn't have a dead battery.
    • For entry sensors, open the door or window and check if the LED light flashes. If the light does not flash, replace the battery. Entry sensors take one AAA battery.
  3. Move the hub so that it's closer to the sensors or keypad. If your hub isn't already in a central location in your house, try moving it so the signal is strong throughout. 

f you've followed the steps above and are still having issues, please submit a log from the Sense Hub.

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