I don't have my Wyze Home Monitoring components yet. What can I do?

What's going on: You have created a Wyze account and have the latest version of the Wyze app. You've purchased Wyze Home Monitoring, but when you tap Monitoring in the Wyze app, you see Get Started. You do not have your Wyze Home Monitoring components or Core Starter Kit yet.

When your kit ships, activate the code in your email.

Before you can activate and set up your Wyze Home Monitoring service, you must wait for the components to ship. Once it ships, you'll receive an activation code in your email.

Copy that code, and follow the steps in this article Wyze Home Monitoring Sign up and Activation to redeem the code (Step 2 and onwards) and add the service to your Wyze account.

Once you receive your  Wyze Home Monitoring components or Core Starter Kit in the mail, continue to the Wyze Home Monitoring Setup Guide to get your devices set up.

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