I mounted the keypad and sensors but didn't set them up yet. What now?


You received your Core Starter Kit and excitedly unpackaged everything and placed your hardware around your home. You did not pair your devices to the hub in the Wyze app first.

Pairing may be failing in the app if the devices are too far from your Wyze Sense Hub.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Follow our Wyze Home Monitoring Setup Guide to set up your Wyze Sense Hub.
  2. Try to pair each device when prompted, first Wyze Keypad, then each sensor.
  3. If pairing fails, unplug the hub and move it closer to each device before pressing the reset button on each device. 
  4. If pairing continues to fail, plug the hub back into power and into your router using the included Ethernet cable.
  5. Carefully remove your devices from where they've been installed and bring them close to the hub for setup. 
    Tips for this step:
    • Push upward on Wyze Keypad to detach it from the back plate, leaving the plate on the wall.
    • Detach only the largest side of the exit sensors. You only need the side with the reset button.
  6. Re-install your keypad and sensors.
    • If the adhesive has been peeled off, try to press it back on. 
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