Why do I have to activate the service after I've purchased it?

So we can link the service to your Wyze account.

We get it, it's a little frustrating to have an extra step before you can set up your Wyze Home Monitoring service. You've already purchased it, but you have to go back to service.wyze.com to redeem the activation code and Checkout again. What gives?

While you may have purchased Wyze Home Monitoring and the Core Starter Kit, your service hasn't been added to a Wyze account yet.

You must take either click the Activate My Service link in your email (sent when your kit has shipped) or copy and paste the activation code at services.wyze.com/redeem. Once you've gone through the checkout process again at Wyze Services, it will be added to your account. 

Don't worry – you won't be charged twice! 

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