Introducing Wyze Floor Lamp

Our smart-dimming task lamp.


What makes Wyze Floor Lamp more than just a lamp:

  • Bluetooth Remote Fine-tunes 11 Levels of Brightness: Wyze Floor Lamp includes a bluetooth remote that lets you pair, turn on/off, and adjust the lamp's brightness.
  • Super Focused 23° Light Beam: Focus light exclusively on your work without disturbing others around you.
  • High 90+ CRI: Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how close a lightbulb’s light is to natural sunlight. A 90+ CRI rating means colors will look more natural under its light.
  • Smart Lamp with Wyze App Accessibility: Connect to the Wyze app for more features including a remote control, schedules, delay timers, and smart dimming.
  • Unique 5’11” Flexible Gooseneck: The lamp has a 5’11” flexible lamp neck that allows you the light up anywhere you want.
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