Introducing Wyze Night Light

Illuminate the night with soft, motion-activated light.


Features that help Wyze Night Light lead the way:

  • Night Light Link: Link up to 10 Wyze Night Light devices. When one night light turns on, all others will, too.

  • Dusk to Dawn + Motion Sensors: Built-in light sensor lets the night light only turn on when you need it most. The PIR motion sensor also means the light will only turn on when motion is detected.

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: Save your batteries! Wyze Night Light has internal lithium battery that can be easily recharged with a USB-C cable.

  • Easy on the eyes: A 2500k warm, soft white color temperature means more comfortable light for the night. 

  • Effortless Setup: Included easy-pull tape and metal plate means mounting the night light is easy. No app setup required.

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