Wyze Thermostat User Guide (English-US)

Wyze Thermostat users rejoice! Attached to this article is the complete User Guide for Wyze Thermostat containing information about compatibility, installation, troubleshooting and more.

Download the User Guide for Wyze Thermostat by clicking the link below the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

In the Box
Thermostat Compatibility
What do my thermostat's wire labels mean?
Minimum Runtime (Short Cycling Protection-alternative name) (N/A)
Changing Measurement Units
HVAC Accessories (* Terminal)
Sharing Access
Hold Schedule (Going on Vacation)
Filter Reminders
Installing Zone Control
Installing Your Thermostat
Installation Instructions
Installation With Less Common Configurations

Setting up your Thermostat
Configuring your Wyze Thermostat

Common Stages
Determine if your B wire is a common or O/B wire
When X, W1 or W2 is an AUX wire
Change from a ecobee PEK
Thermostat wires with no labels
Determining a Conventional or Heat Pump (W or O/B)
Determining the kind of heating system you have
My thermostat doesn’t turn on after installing (No Power)
Heating or cooling system isn’t responding
System Testing results are inaccurate
Wire Detection Issues
WiFi Communication Errors
Bluetooth Pairing Issues
Firmware Update Issues
Handling Extra Wires
Using the thermostat without the Wyze app
Installing Wyze Thermostat on Dual Transformers
Resetting Wyze Thermostat
Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Functions
Adjusting Your Temperature Preferences
Adjusting Heat/Cold Comfort Settings Schedules on Your Wyze Thermostat
Adjusting the Fans in your HVAC System
Customizing Your Thermostat
Renaming your Thermostat
Smart Home/AwaySmart Home Integration (Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT)
Thermostat Lock Access Control
Setting Weekly Schedule
Deleting Schedules
Coast to Cool
Humidity Preferences
Safety Temps
Differential Temp
Minimum Comfort Zone
Temperature & Humidity Correction


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