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My Wyze Cam Pan settings are not updating.


You update your Wyze Cam Pan settings, but they change back after you save them.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Check your camera's connection.
    1. Power cycle your Wyze Cam by unplugging it from power, then plugging it in again. Wait for the status light to turn solid blue.
    2. In the Wyze app, tap on the camera's live stream and wait for it to fully connect.
    3. Tap on the Settings gear to open your settings.
    4. Make your changes, then tap the back arrow to return to the live stream.
    5. Let the live stream reconnect, then return to your settings to check if they've saved.
  2. If they still aren't saving, there may be network interference.
    1. Try switching networks (WiFi to LTE or LTE to WiFi) to determine whether one of the networks gives a better outcome when changing settings.
    2. Turn off Battery Saver mode on your phone or tablet's settings.
      • This setting can limit network data transfer rates.
  3. Factory reset your camera to get things back to normal.
    • Your settings may be desynced, which means that the settings stored on the camera don't match what's showing in the Wyze app. I


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