Wyze Web View FAQ

What is Wyze Web View (View in Browser)?

Wyze Web View is a convenient way to access your Wyze Cam's Live stream and Event Playback through a web browser. You can use Wyze Web View in a browser on a PC, Mac, Smart TV, tablets, etc. 

What browsers are supported?

The latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Firefox is not supported yet in beta, though we are working on adding it ASAP.

Which devices are supported?

The ability to view the live stream and Event videos is available on Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam v3 Pro, and Wyze Cam Pan v1.

Do I need Cam Plus to be able to use Web View?

Yes, Wyze Web View will only be available to Cam Plus and Cam Plus Pro users. It is not available for Cam Plus Lite (only) users.

Can I use Wyze Web View with only Cam Plus Lite?

No, Cam Plus or Cam Plus Pro is required to use Wyze Web View. It is not compatible with Cam Plus Lite.

How do I access Wyze Web View?

From a support browser, go to https://view.wyze.com/live. Sign in to the Wyze Web View site, and press the play icon on any video feed that's available. If any of your devices do not support Wyze Web View, there'll be an alert (!) message letting you know.

Why is the Live stream loading slowly?

The loading speed depends on your home Internet's bandwidth. The more bandwidth you have, the faster it will load. We're working on ways to optimize the bandwidth usage, however.

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