How does Cam Protect work?

Cam Protect is a new service that you can add to a Wyze Cam.

Once you subscribe to Cam Protect and it's set up on your Wyze Cam, you can arm and disarm the camera using the Monitoring tab in the Wyze app. If a person is detected on an armed cam, then an alarm will be triggered. You will receive a push notification to your phone as well as an SMS text message from our security monitoring service Noonlight.

You can cancel the alarm at any time using your PIN in the Wyze app. If you do not respond to the SMS text message, then Noonlight will call the phone number on file to gather any emergency information.

In the event that there is a real emergency, or you do not respond to Noonlight's attempts to contact you, or if you indicate there is in fact an emergency, Noonlight will dispatch Emergency Services to your address on file.

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