What if an alarm is triggered but Noonlight doesn't contact me?


Your Wyze Cam is armed and an alarm was triggered, but you didn't receive an SMS or call from Noonlight.


Tip: Double-check your contact information.

If an alarm is triggered and you haven't received an SMS text message or phone call from Noonlight, check the phone number entered in your Cam Protect settings.

  1. In the Wyze app, tap the Monitoring tab.
  2. Scroll down and tap Cam Protect Settings.
  3. Tap My Information > Phone Number.
    • If your phone number is correct, tap the < back arrow.*
    • If your phone number is incorrect:
      1. Tap Update My Phone Number.
      2. Enter your phone number. We'll send a code to confirm it's you!
      3. Enter the code where prompted.
      4. Your settings will save automatically.
  4. You should be all set, but you may want to test out the feature to make sure it's working. If and when Noonlight contacts you, respond with the PIN to disarm.

* If your information is correct, please contact our support team for additional troubleshooting.

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