Do I need Cam Plus to use Wyze Web View?

Yes, Cam Plus or Cam Protect is required.

To try it, sign up for Cam Plus/Cam Protect if you haven't already and assign a license to a supported Wyze Cam in the Wyze app. Supported devices include: Supported Devices 

Why is it only available to Cam Plus and Cam Protect subscribers?

The ability to access your Wyze Cam from a browser has been one of the most-requested features ever! We've spent what feels like forever getting it ready for you.

The new technology we're using for this has a limit for how many streams can be active at once and charges us by usage. This means that we have to keep our test group limited for the time being. We'll be keeping an eye on the volume and costs to assess a potential wider rollout in the future. 

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