iHealth COVID-19 Test Kit Order Status

Due to unexpected shipping delays and a massive surge in demand, our delivery estimates for the iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test has updated. Check your iHealth test shipping estimate below.

🙏 We apologize for the delays, and appreciate your patience while we work to get these shipped!

Can I cancel my Covid test kit order?

Yes, if the order status is "Backordered" at on the My Orders page at wyze.com. If it shows as "Pick/Pack" or something else, and you've received a tracking number, then it cannot be cancelled.

  • Backordered: If your order status shows as "Backordered" in your Customer Profile at wyze.com, then it can be cancelled. If you would like to cancel your test kit order, visit the article Can I cancel my Wyze order? and follow the steps to cancel.
  • Shipping Label Created: If you have received a tracking number and the status shows as "Shipping Label Created" or "Pick/Pack" then it has entered the shipping process and cannot be cancelled. It may remain with this status until it's actually shipped.


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