How does Cam Plus Lite compare to Cam Plus and Cam Protect?

Cam Plus Lite is our most limited service.

💡 Check out our Services Comparison Chart to learn more about our Wyze Services.

Cam Plus Lite is our most affordable (as low as $0), but most limited service, with person detection and 12-second Event recordings only.

Cam Plus is a service with unlimited recording and the full AI package on your Cam Plus-enabled cameras. The full AI package includes Person Detection, Pet Detection, Vehicle Detection, and Package Detection, and more. Cam Plus comes in a $2.99/month. 

Our highest tier is Cam Protect for $3.99/month, which is geared toward home security with 24/7 Professional Monitoring, the ability to Arm/Disarm your cameras, Facial Recognition, and so much more.


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