My Wyze Air Purifier’s Filter Replacement Light keeps flashing.


Your Wyze Air Purifier’s filter replacement light flashes before the filter needs to be changed. Or, the filter replacement light does not stop flashing after changing the filter.


  1. Confirm your Wyze app is up to date.
    • Go to the Account tab > tap About.
    • The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo.
    • You can compare your app version to the most up-to-date version listed on our Release Notes and Firmware Page.
  2. Check your Wyze Air Purifier’s firmware is up to date.
    • You can check this by going to the Account tab > Firmware update.
  3. If there is an update available for the air purifier, please move forward with updating it.
  4. If you haven’t already, switch out the filter for your air purifier if the filter life has been depleted.
    • You can check your air purifier’s filter life in the Wyze app by going to your air purifier’s Device Page > Settings > Filter Management.
  5. Reset your air purifier’s filter replacement light by pressing and holding both the power button and A button simultaneously.
    • The air purifier should beep once and the filter replacement light should flash three times before disappearing.
  6. Factory reset the air purifier.

    1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

  7. Perform a Wi-Fi reset.

    1. Press and hold the Auto Mode and Fan Speed button until the Wi-Fi icon starts to flash.

    2. Set up the air purifier as new.

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