Introducing Wyze Room Sensor

Comfort in every room.

Wyze Room Sensor is designed to unlock the full potential of Wyze Thermostat by working to balance the climate throughout your entire home. Is your first floor office cooler than your master bedroom upstairs? Wyze Room Sensor is here to help.

What has us raving about Wyze Room Sensor:

  • Ditch Hot and Cold Spots. Place your Wyze Room Sensor wherever it's usually warmer or cooler, and let Wyze Thermostat (required) balance your homes climate.
  • Prioritize Occupied Rooms. When Auto Comfort is enabled, Wyze Room Sensor uses motion detection to automatically set the rooms you're actually using to your desired temperature.
  • View Temperature Remotely. Remotely monitor and adjust the temperature of the different areas of your home with just a few taps in the Wyze app.
  • Mount Anywhere. Easily pair and place sensors around your home in minutes. Wall mount with the included metal plate, or set it anywhere using the included stand.
  • No Wiring Required, Easy Setup. Wyze Room Sensor quickly pairs with Wyze Thermostat via Bluetooth® technology, no wires or extra work required. 


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