I have Cam Protect but I only get 12-second videos.


You signed up for Cam Protect but are only getting 12-second videos. You may also be experiencing a long cooldown between videos, and Person Detection not working.


  1. Make sure the Cam Protect subscription is active and assigned to a camera.
    • In the Wyze app, go to Account > Services > Cam Protect. Make sure your camera is shown.
  2. Make sure your camera firmware is up to date.
    • In the Wyze app, go to Account > Firmware Upgrade > Device Name.
  3. Restart your camera.
    1. In the Wyze app, by navigating to the livestream> settings icon on the top right corner> restart the camera.
  4. Clear the app cache.
    • Go to Account> App Settings > Cache Files> Clear.
  5. Unassign Cam Protect from the device, then reassign it.
    1. Go to Account > Cam Protect > Tap on the device name > Unassign. Then assign it again

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