Alarm Delay for Cam Protect

Here's everything you need to know about our most requested Cam Protect feature: Alarm Delay.

Give yourself a little extra time to disarm your alarm when you arrive home. With Alarm Delay, you'll have a set amount of time to disarm your system via the Wyze app before an alarm is triggered.


To set up an Alarm Delay:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on the Monitoring tab.
  2. Scroll and tap Cam Protect Settings.
  3. Tap Alarm Delay > Alarm Delay and choose a time delay.
    • If you select 15 seconds, you'll have 15 seconds to disarm your system before the alarm is triggered.
  4. Tap Save to save your settings.

Alarm Delay FAQs

How do I get the Alarm Delay feature?

Make sure you're updated to the latest version of the Wyze app and you'll be all set.

What happens if I don't set up an Alarm Delay?

If your system is in an Armed state, an alarm will be triggered ASAP as soon as your camera detects a person. This means that unless you disarm your system immediately, you'll trigger an alarm just by being detected by your cameras whenever you arrive home!

An Alarm Delay puts your system in a pending state, giving you up to 60 seconds to disarm your system before Noonlight reaches out.

What if I don't Disarm my system before the Alarm Delay is over?

A Noonlight agent will contact you via your phone number on file to confirm the alarm.

How do I remove an Alarm Delay?

Go to your Cam Protect Settings > Alarm Delay > Alarm Delay. Set the delay to 0 seconds. This will set the timer to 0, and an alarm will once again be triggered immediately when your system is Armed.

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