My garage door is automatically opening after I close it or vice versa.


When closing your garage door through the Wyze app, it automatically opens back up immediately or vice versa.


  1. Confirm your garage door opener is compatible with the Wyze Garage Door Controller using our online compatibility checker.
  2. Confirm the Wyze app is up to date. 
    1. Go to the Account tab and tap About.
    2. The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo.
    3. You can compare your app version to the most up-to-date version listed on our Release Notes & Firmware page.
  3. Check that the firmware is up to date for both Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Garage Door Controller.
    1. You can check this by going to the Account tab > Firmware update.
    2. If there is an update available for your camera and/or garage door controller, please move forward with the update.
  4. Adjust the trigger duration for your Wyze Garage Door Controller.
    1. Navigate to your Wyze Cam v3 that is connected to your Wyze Garage Door Controller in the Wyze app.
    2. Tap Settings > Accessories > Garage Door Controller.
    3. Tap Trigger Duration.
    4. Select a different trigger duration setting and try opening or closing the garage door again by pressing the button for Wyze Garage Door Controller in the Wyze app.
    5. If your garage door is still not opening or closing properly, try repeating the above step with a different trigger duration selected.
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