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Can you adjust the noise cancelling level?

Yes, from the Wyze app and headphones.

There are three noise cancellation levels you can switch between:

  • High Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): With 40db noise reduction, outside noise is reduced to a whisper, so you can tune out the world.
  • Low Active Noise Cancellation: Outside sounds are audible, but still low. 
  • Transparency Mode: Let's the outside world in, as if you're not wearing the headphones at all. Your audio is lowered, and outside sounds are amplified.

From the Wyze app: 

You can switch between High ANC, Low ANC, and Transparency Mode on the headphones screen in the app. Simply tap to open your Wyze Headphones, then swipe left to right / right to left on the screen.

On the headphones: 

You can switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode directly on the headphones. On the left earcup, single press the button. You'll hear a voice prompt with the mode you've entered.

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