Tracking your Trade-in

Want to know the status of your trade-in? We’ve got you covered!

Once you complete the trade-in process, you will receive a pre-paid USPS shipping label to send us your trade-in device(s). Your shipping label will have your tracking number. To track your package while it is on its way to us, simply enter that tracking number in the USPS Tracking tool.

On average, it takes up to 14 business days to complete the review process once your item has been received by us. Once our refurbishment team reviews your device(s), you will receive an email letting you know if they qualified.

In your email, it will say “Item Received” or “Item Not Received” and under a separate section of the email, “Refund Status: Issued” or “Refund Status: Not Issued”. If you sent us multiple products, each product will have its own status.

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