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Introducing Wyze Cam v4

The clearest Wyze Cam ever made.

Our favorite Wyze Cam v4 features:

  • 2.5K Video with Color Night Vision. A newer, bigger image sensor and more powerful CPU provides a 2.5 QHD (2560x1440) high resolution image. Now you (or AI) can recognize people's faces.
  • Wi-Fi 6. Offers an extra 20 meters of range, better handling of congestion, and a higher connection speed.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). Newer Image Signal Processor enables WDR provides better image quality, closer to real life.
  • Wider Field of View (FOV). The deets - Diagonal FOV: 115.8º, Horizontal FOV: 98.5º, Vertical FOV: 53.1º. 
  • Newer, high quality look. Same versatile mount with a refreshed outer design. 
  • Louder and Clearer Audio. New and more powerful, the amplifier increases the volume to 99 db and the mic can pick up sound even farther away. 
  • Edge AI. Faster notifications, more accurate detections, while supporting Smart Focus. 
  • Smart Focus. Focus on what matters, while still viewing the bigger picture.
  • Built-in Spotlight. A motion-activated, 70-lumen spotlight for more detail in your videos.

* Edge AI Person Detection is included with Wyze Cam v4 and Wyze Cam v3 Pro, powered by the cameras' on-board chip, rather than relying on the cloud. It is not as powerful as Wyze AI Person Detection, included with Cam Plus and Cam Protect, and does not include any other smart features.

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